Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Experimenting With Yoga and Aphex Twin

Having just recently finished Christopher Penczak's first book, City Magic, which is all about practicing nature-based spirituality in an urban and technocentric setting, I decided it was time to give electronica a chance as music for my practice. I put Aphex Twin's entire discography into a playlist, pressed play, and put my feet to the mat for some (hopefully) enlightening yoga. 
I've always been one who used more "earthy" music for working, drums, folk music, etc...but since music is most certainly energy, I felt I owed it to myself to try working with some unfamiliar kinds. The results were a mixed bag. The heavy beats, repetitive style and wordless songs were very conducive to a state of focus and meditative awareness. I think, however, my subconscious had been trained to revolt against this. After all, I've trained that part of my mind to start working whenever I put on aforementioned "earthy" tunes. So, perhaps someday it will learn to adapt to ambient electronic jams. I hope so. For now, shamanic drumming with have to do.

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