Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nature: What is it?

What is nature? For most pagans, witches, druids etc... it seems to be a fairly subjective term. I haven't quite come across a definition that totally suits me. It comes distantly from the Latin nasci meaning "to be born." So does nature include everything that is, has been or will be born? Many would disagree. They contend that nature is a term applicable only to things not created by man, or altered by him, thus excluding cities, towns and the technologies in them.
What principle is it that distinguishes these thing supposedly birthed unnaturally from the things we hallow as natural? It's no idle question, since we are, after all, a nature religion. Are we as children of the God and Goddess to be considered co-creators of nature, or somehow an entirely separate entity?
It seems somewhat hypocritical to say that all things have a spirit and that we should respect other forms of consciousness, and then deny the idea of consciousness to the very things we as a species have made. Certainly this question hasn't been resolved to my own satisfaction and I believe a cross-sectarian dialogue needs to develop further on the subject. So that's my drop in the bucket, a snapshot of my personal confusion about what's holy and what's mundane.

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